Senior Front End Developer and Scrum Master


Some Things About Me

Senior Front End Developer and Scrum Master with great time managment and problem solving skills. Experienced with creating semantic markup using the latest web technologies including HTML5, CSS3 and javascript ussually along side with frameworks like Angular.js, Backbone.js, Fabric.js and Raphael.js. I usually work with Laravel as a backend but in the past I have worked with Wordpress, Drupal, Django, Zend, Cakephp and Symfony2. My latest passion is creating detail oriented user interfaces to provide the user the best experience possible. You should follow me on twitter for more.


I believe that Fotis would make a great addition to any web development team.
Dimosthenis Nikoudis, Forky CTO
Most reliable and hardworking front end developer I've ever met.
Christos Giakoumettis, eSolutions CEO

What I Do

  • Front End Development

    Front End Development

    My area of expertise. Mainly because my knowledge with javascript frameworks like jQuery, Backbone and Canvas libraries (Raphael and Fabric).
  • Back End Development

    Back End Development

    Great experience with Wordpress and most of the popular PHP MVC frameworks. I currently prefer to work with Laravel PHP.
  • Web Design

    Web Design

    I can slice in semantic HTML5 code using latest techniques and best practices. This site is using both resposive design and parallax.
  • Email Newsletters

    Email Newsletters

    If you don't like semantic, tableless and modern design I can produce some ugly markup for your newsletters. At least it will run in every mail client.
  • Mobile Application Design

    Mobile Application Design

    Started working with cross platform mobile application frameworks for my thesis and I ended up loving PhoneGap. Check out my portfolio below.
  • Graphic design

    Graphic design

    Not my best skill but the one I am focusing right now. Hopefully I will be soon capable of providing beautiful web interfaces in photoshop by my own.
  • CMS


    I have excellent skills in both Wordpress and Drupal and can Developer websites from scratch using custom themes and plugins.

I am from Greece


Current position  
09 / 2014

Web Developer, KEPYES

Development of Office automation and Guesthouse managment applications.
06 / 2012

Front End Developer at Netrobe (Fashion app)

Trying to bring Netrobe's mojo to the web.
04 / 2011

Web Developer, TEI of Athens

Designing applications to serve student needs.
10 / 2010

IT Specialist, TEI of Athens (intership)

Responsible for the proper operation of the department's website, and all workshops.


Software Engineer, Informatics

Sample Cources: Expert Systems, Computer Graphics, Software Quality and Reliability, Informatics and Society – Expression Techniques, Educational Technology & IT Didactics, Electronic Commerce, Distributed Systems, New Network Technologies, Mobile Communications, Multimedia Technology.

IT Specialist, Keycert

Certified Computer Repair Technician from Keycert.

8th High School of Heraklion

And I build Beautiful websites



Don't hesitate to contact me about anything at or connect with me.

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